The Weather in Sitges

Sitges is famous for it’s mild mediterranean microclimate which ensures it 300 sunny days a year. Although it can be raining and grey in Barcelona, Sitges can be enjoying bright blue skies and warm sunshine!

A semi circle of high hills and the Garraf Massif effectively shelter the town from weather systems arriving from the North, West and South, and Sitges only really gets poor, wet weather when rainstorms arrive directly from the Mediterranean.

Although storms are not frequent, when they do arrivem they can be quite dramatic, with lightning shows and streets running deep with water as it is channeled down to the sea. If you don’t like storms the upside is that these storms serve to clear the Sitges air, refresh the town and give the plants a very welcome drenching!


Spring is an excellent month to visit Sitges, as the weather shakes off any winter gloom quickly, and although the temperatre seldom rises above 25degrees centigrade, the town is relatively uncrowded and feels much more relaxed than in the height of summer. While locals seldom venture into the water, some visitors will take the plunge – although be warned the sea can still be quite chilly!

Typical temperature: 13-25 degrees


The high season for summer beach tourism starts around Easter and lasts until mid September. During this period the Sitges weather is very reliable – hot, sunny and with long evenings! If you like your sun hot, and strong this is the time to descend on Sitges and soak up the consistent rays, with July the best tanning month with very low (if any!) rainfall and long hot summer days. While occasional Summer storms will blow through, when they arrive they are usually blustery, short-lived and actually quite welcome after so many days of intense sunshine.

Typical temperature: 20-30 degrees centigrade (although can go signifcantly higher!)


For many Sitgetans Autumn is their favourite time of year. The intensity of the summer weather and tourist season has passed, the beaches are uncrowded, and although the evenings are again shortening the water is still warm enough for a swim. From mid September tourism drops off dramatically, and the town gently relaxes into the rhythm of life which will see if through the next few months.

Typical temperature: 13-21 degress centigrade


The coldest months are from December to February, which also have higher chances of rain (and very, very low chances of snow – although occasionally it does happen!) Although on sunny days when the wind subsides you can still experience days when shirt sleeves are enough!

Typical temperatures: 5-13 degress centigrade.

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