Spanish Cuisine

Spain is blessed with an extraordinary variety of distinct local cultures, geography and cuisine and many of it’s most famous exports are served in restaurants all over the world. Catalan food is lesser known internationally than some of the more famous neighbours, but if you know where to look you can always discover excellent quality food and surprising and innovative taste combinations.

From rich Valencian paellas to the mouth watering pinchos of Northern Spain to the refreshing Gazpacho of Andalucia each and every region boasts its own proud and unique blend of hospitality and cuisine born of centuries of tradition, the land, the sea and the season.

Fresh ingredients are key for Spanish food – as is good company and wine! Meals are a celebration of family and food and life and are a pleasure to be savoured at leisure!

Catalan Food

Catalan cuisine is often described as Mar y Montana – Sea and Mountain – encapsulating the region’s diverse range of terrain which provides cooks here with a rich source of natural ingredients throughout the year. From this natural pantry the cooks of Catalonia have developed a culinary tradition which has inspired many famous chefs and contributed to its fame worldwide as a gourmet destination!

To really appreciate Catalan food you need to understand its roots and how the culture, history and tastes of the people have shaped the national menu. The best place to immerse yourself in this tradition is in a Catalan market, where you will see what is in season, and can learn first-hand how to evaluate the quality of produce and learn how they are best enjoyed!

If you are interested in learning more about Spanish and Catalan food, we’d recommend taking one of the excellent cooking classes available both in Sitges and Barcelona, with a guided trip to a vibrant local market followed by the chance to learn new techniques and recipes from a local chef before finally enjoying an authentic Spanish dish you have created!

The recommendations below come highly recommended, and offer both a memorable day out and the opportunity to learn more about Spain and Catalonia, either for you, a group or maybe as an extra special present for the cook in your life!

Salsa Verde

Learn all about Spanish cuisine and cooking in the heart of Sitges from modern tapas to classic Spanish paellas, Salsa Verde also offer courses in Thai cuisine, Japanese Sushi, baking English cakes, Indian food and fresh pasta as well as a cooking course for kids!

For prices and booking please check their website for more details

Cook and Taste – Barcelona Cooking Classes

Located in the heart of old Barcelona this cooking school takes small groups on a gastronomic journey through the kitchens of Spain – with the option of starting at Barcelona’s world-famous Boqueria market.

For prices and booking please check their website for more details

Catacurian – Catalan Cooking and Wine Appreciation Classes

A hotel with an epicurean soul, Catacurian introduces guests to the finer points of Catalan food, wine and olive oil with courses from a day up to a 6 day ‘culinary vacation’

For prices and booking please check their website for more details

Barcelona Cooking

A short walk from the Boqueria market, and with a spacious kitchen with great views over Las Ramblas, this cooking school specialises in Spanish dishes, tapas and of course wine – provided by a team promoting a sustainable, conscious and ethical approach to food and a love of Galician cuisine!

For prices and booking please check their website for more details

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