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Sitges Serves Spains Best Burgers!

5 August 2014

Big Al’s Burger Bar has topped the burger-flipping charts to take the title of best burger in Spain!

According to a survey by Trip Advisor, the local burger joint’s authentic American style burgers and curly fries have made it the most popular in Spain – with an average rating of 4.5 from almost 400 reviewers.

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Suarez comes to Sitges!

5 August 2014

Following his signing to Catalan giants Barcelona FC, Luis Suarez has taken up residence at Sitges luxury Dolce hotel using the beach town as a convenient base to find a more permanent local place to live.

With a reservation booked until the end of August, the Uruguayan has been reviewing properties from the coast to the mountains, whilst also awaiting the FA’s decision on the 8th August regarding his appeal against the ban imposed for his dental assault on Italian international Giorgio Chiellini during the recent World Cup in Brazil.

While some guests may be nervous following the footballers odontological antics, local steak houses are rumoured to welcome the arrival of this new high-profile carnivorous resident..

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More Money More Money…. Sitges Offers ‘City Cash’ Tax Free !

Sitges non-EU visitors no longer have to wait until leaving town to reclaim the value added tax (ITV) under a new scheme introduced by the local council

In a bid to entice more shoppers to spend more money the tax may now be refunded to non-EU citizens for purchases over €90.16 before leaving town, in the hope that the cash restored to them will be find itself immediately recirculated in the town’s shops and restaurants.

To make use of the service please check in at the Sitges Tourist office in Placa Eduard Maristany.

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Spain’s most expensive rentals..

With rents of up to €9000 / month, Sitges tops the list of most expensive places to rent in Spain, along with Marbella and San Sebastian.

According to a survey commissioned by, Sitges two most expensive neighbourhoods – measured per square metre – are Les Botigues where property near the sports marina will cost you up to €9000 per month, and Can Girona next to the Terramar Golf Course where monthly rentals reach around €7000 for a 4 bedroom house.

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Substandard Phone Coverage is Standard..

Hello Mum? HELLO MUM??? You got your hearing aid in? …. It may not be her fault…

Sitges ranks amongst the worst areas for mobile phone coverage in Catalunya, but is not alone, with 55.95% of municipalities experiencing poor mobile phone service and coverage.

While measures have been taken to improve the service within the town, users still experience problems and the Catalan College of Telecommunications Engineers and Technical Surveyors (COETTC) reckons a scant 44.05% of the province’s municipalities actually receive a ‘good’ service. (Read More)


Sant Sebastia Beach losing sand
Seagulls watch impassively as Sitges’ valuable sand is ransacked by the elements

€420,000 To Replace Sitges Lost Beaches

19 June 2014

The cost of replacing sand moved by winter and spring storms has been set at €420,000 for 2014. Due to a series of strong seasonal storms combined with marine currents, the loss of sand from popular bathing beaches has been extraordinarily high, resulting in a shift which has contributed to an increase in off shore sand deposits and a possible threat to local port traffic.

In total 70,000 cubic metres of sand now needs to be replaced from the entrance and beaches around the ports to Sant Sebastià, Estanyol, Riera Xica and Bassa Rodona beaches.

To prevent this annual precious loss of beach and money the local council are now investigating the possibilities for creating a method for retaining more of the sand throughout the year.

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Civil War Munitions Discovered off Sitges Coast

18 June 2014:

Spanish Navy Divers successfully deactivated 17 pieces of munition dating back to the Civil War lost for over 75 years just off the coast of Sitges. A specialist team of divers from Cartagena conducted controlled explosions to ensure the munitions, including 3 aircraft missiles and a dozen less powerful devices – were rendered harmless.

The munitions had been discovered in shallow water to the south of the Vallcarca cement factory by a diver who alerted the Police who then engaged the Navy. In an operation combining Police, Navy and Railway personnel, traffic and train services in the area were temporarily suspended as the threat was eliminated.

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Argentinian National News Agency Likes Sitges Holidays

17 June 2014:

Although some of their facts may be questionable (do we really have 26 sandy beaches?) the overwhelming endorsement of Sitges in the Argentinian National News Agency is clear!

300 sunny days, picturesque town, friendly inhabitants, blue Mediterranean waters.. Nothing really resembling Sitges news here, but it was nice to read and so we included it anyway. What a lovely, lovely place.

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Crane base during restorations
A busker melodically obscures the foot of the crane during recent renovations

Sitges Museums – Ready, Revitalised and Reopened!

13 June 2014:

Following a 4 year programme of restoration and renovation the museums of Cau Ferrat, Can Rocamora and Museu Maricel reopened their doors on the 14th June to show off their bright new beautiful interiors.

In total the team have refreshed 7000 ceramic tiles, rejuvenated 40 windows, revived more than 30 pieces of antique furniture, reinvigorated stone and iron work and ensured the specialist restoration of a number of paintings and sculptures, as well as equipping the museums with the technology and storage solutions to face the challenges of the coming years.

And the work’s not finished yet!

In addition to a complete facelift, after the reopening on Saturday the team will begin installing a state-of-the-art ventilation and air conditioning systems to ensure the optimal maintenance of all the museums’ treasures (and visitors 😉

As a result this also means the Sitges skyline will soon be bidding a fond farewell to the large crane that has loomed over the old town spoiling photos for the last 4 years and prompting hours of painstaking pixel reconstruction for postcard photographers from around the world….

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UK’s Guardian Newspaper Recommends Sitges as Ideal Family Holiday Destination

23 May 2014:



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