Happy Sant Jordi Everyone!

After a few cloudy days the skies have cleared and Spring is in the air! Clear sunny blue skies; birds singing in the trees; gentle waves lapping on the shore. What a wonderful day to be in Sitges, and a day Sant Jordi would surely have been very proud of!

Just in case there is anyone out there who is completely oblivious it’s “La Diada de Sant Jordi” – the Catalan equivalent of St. Valentines when lovers reveal their secret devotion, partners renew their adoration and a whole lot people by a whole lot of books!

If yo haven’t succumbed to the itinerant (and completely unlicensed) rose and book hawkers roaming the streets of our beautiful town, head down to Passeig de la Ribeira (the street behind La Fragata beach) where official stalls have been set up offering books, blooms and beautiful sunshine! There are some worthy local causes and volunteers there – so please do come and show some support!

Have a lovely day – and I hope it remains totally untroubled by dragons!

Visca Sant Jordi!


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