Renting an Apartment in Sitges

Sitges offers a huge range of rental accommodation – offering all the flexibility and intimacy of a home away from home. This kind of accommodation has developed a lot in the past few years, and now Sitges has all kinds of rentals, suited to all kinds of visitors, visits and budgets.

Most apartments are located in residential areas, and give you the benefits of complete control over your stay, what and when you eat, as well offering you more space in which to relax and experience the town in a much more personal way.

What to look for in a rental apartment

Obviously the number and configuration of bedrooms is key for most visitors – families with young children will be looking for something completely different from honeymooners – but here are a few suggestions and tips

Location location location.

Check the area of town you’d like to stay in as they can offer distinctly different experiences and prices. Central apartments near the town’s nightspots may well be more noisy than apartments further away from the action. For more information on Sitges different areas – click here

Sitges Weather

During the summer months from June to September temperatures can soar, and if you are not used to this you may well want air conditioning which is not standard in all apartments in Sitges. Conversely between November and February nights are cooler and you might want central heating, which is also not always available. For more about Sitges weather check here

Beware Hidden Rental Costs

While most bookings sites are very transparent, you should always check what you are being charged for before you pay. Some owners will include a charge in the daily rental for cleaning, while others will charge an additional flat fee for cleaning – regardless of if you stay for a month or a weekend. Deposits are also handled in different ways – always check what it’s for and how you get it back!

Minimum Stays.

Some landlords and agencies have a minimum stay – normally 3 nights – although if bookings are light this may be flexible. Check dates against flights, and sometimes you can save the cost of the extra night just by changing your arival and departure dates by just a couple of days..

Extra beds.

Even though your dream apartment may not quite have the ideal number of bedrooms, or only the one sofa bed – it’s always worth asking if they can do something to accommodate you. Most agencies and property owners will be quite flexible given the chance and will try to see how they can make your stay more comfortable and pleasant – after all a happy customer is the best advertisement there is!

Kids go Free!

For many apartments there is no charge for younger children and babies – who can be easily accommodated in cots and extra beds. They will also often not be included in the total capacity for the flat.

Book Early To Avoid Disappointment

As with all accommodation in Sitges, the best thing is to book early – as hotel rooms, apartments and all other accommodation is normally reserved quite far in advance, with many of the most popular rooms rebooked by returning visitors. We highly recommend our booking partner, who offer a good range of apartments in Sitges as well as a best price guarantee and excellent support – both before and after you book!

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