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We are here to help! ­čśë Sitges247.com is an independent website dedicated to sharing the best of Sitges online. All our reviews and articles are based on first hand local knowledge and experience and we hope offer our visitors a realistic and honest insight into the town.

We are not associated to any other local organisations… but are very open to working with anyone who wants to promote what this town has to offer, and ensure Sitges visitors can enjoy the best of our town.

Listings and Information

We have listings for all kinds of activities both in town and the surrounding area throughout the year, from the world-famous glamour and glitz of Sitges Carnival to traditional local events, news and reviews. Whether you live here, are visiting or maybe just considering the this area as a holiday destination – we hope to have a little something to interest you.

Editorial Policy

We are more than happy to include any postings for local organisations provided that the events involved are open to the general public and do not in our opinion conflict with our editorial policy of open, inclusive and non-discriminatory content. In all cases we reserve to edit remove or refuse the inclusion of any and all content offered.

While we always try to ensure all the information on our pages is complete and accurate, and we check our website regularly to ensure all our advice is up-to-date and as complete as possible, we are only human and can make mistakes. If you think we’ve missed something, or have maybe made a mistake (!) please let us know and we’ll work to correct / improve it as quickly as possible.

Copyright and our Content

All of our content is written exclusively for our website, and images used in the text is also the property of the website. Copyright for all original content belongs to sitges247.com, and if you would like to reproduce any part of the website please contact us for permission.

This excludes images of promotional posters photographed around town which we use in event listings. If you are the copyright owner for any of these images and would prefer we did not use them please contact us and we will remove these images immediately.


We also humbly thank all those organisations and individuals who have provided graphics and photographic material for us – your contribution is very much appreciated!

Please enjoy Sitges and Our Website!

Well – that’s quite enough about us! We really hope you enjoy our site, please feel free to recommend it to your friends and family (and even strangers!) and if you do find an event or service or restaurant or bar through us – please let them know!


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